These are our two large fields, each 70’x 125’, with 1 ½” field turf with rubber filler. They are functional for soccer, baseball, softball, and 7 on 7 football. They can be used individually or combined


Downstair Cages

These seven batting cages are 70x14x12. One cage is 35x14x12. Cages 1 & 2 have ATEC Casey Pro 3G baseball pitching machines. Cages 3 & 6 have ATEC arm throwing machines. Cages 4 & 5 have mounds for live pitching. Cage 7 has Iron Mike pitching machine. Cage 8 is soft toss area.


Upstair Cages

Cages 9 & 10 are 70x14x12. Cages 11 & 12 are 70x12x12 with Casey Pro 2G softball machines.


Upstair Mounds

There are four baseball mounds and 2 softball mounds with a 60’ distance or less.


Showcase Mounds

There are 4 regulation clay mounds with a pitching distance of 60’ and less.